Business I.T. Services

Solutions for every technical problem.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business may be – If technology drives it, technical support
will be a critical factor when it comes to efficiency and profitability. Those who demand the best
need the best people backing them up, and that’s why we strive every day to give every one of our clients
the resources they need to keep moving forward. Let us show you how your challenges can be met.

Single Tier IT Support – Maximum Flexibility.

We know asking for support can be a problem in and of itself. Volume-based restrictions can make logging
a support request time-consuming, expensive, or confusing. That’s why MisterCertified offers a single-tier
support model, giving you immediate access to all our technical expertise online, or to a real, live specialist
the first time you call us, every time, no matter your organization’s size, shape, or need. Our teams offer:

  • Phone support from 8-5, your time, along with 24/7 on-call and after-hours support,
  • Self-service web portal to access all technical services and our knowledge base,
  • Personal account executives who know your business as well as you do.

Call us today, and explain how we can work together to ensure it.

On-Demand I.T. Support

We take “immediate” seriously – especially when it comes to technical hiccups that affect your business. That’s
why we offer support options that define quick, knowledgeable, and actionable. We’re committed to service, and
that means giving you the help you need, when you need it, with a team of dedicated consultants who know your
I.T. Infrastructure inside and out.

We provide:

  • Phone support that answers 100% of calls within 2 minutes
  • Available emergency on-site support
  • Expedited IT service and support for critical business desktop, servers, or network.

Feel the difference our experts make as our teams work through any bumps in the road,
and experience the peace of mind they bring. Learn more, right here.

One word: Support.

Managed I.T. services and customer care – that’s what our support teams stands for, and what we offer to help
you sleep soundly. MisterCertified I.T. Solutions is committed to service, which means giving you the help
you need, when you need it.It means getting to the root of every problem efficiently, whether that’s best accomplished through self-service, live support, remote support, or on-site service call.

Offering a combined total of 30 years of experience, our support specialists consistently hold themselves to the highest standards to ensure we not only meet, but exceed our clients’ expectations.

With same-day service resolution rates that are more than three times the industry standard, and customer satisfaction rates that also score well above average, our team is not happy unless you are happy.

Learn how – it’s just a short phone call away.

Client Support Center

Whether you’re maintaining your own system, proactively dealing with technical issues before they occur, or just trying to learn all you can about your new investment, MisterCertified’s online Client Support Center has what you need.

Our customers always have access to:

  • Online Ordering
  • Online Payment (with Credit Card)
  • Billing History
  • Quote Management
  • Project Management
  • Employee Management
  • Domain Support
  • Services Control Panel (Cloud)
  • Trouble Ticketing
  • Knowledge Base
  • Downloads
  • Network Status
  • Announcements
  • Live Support
  • 24/7 Status Updates (on open trouble tickets)

Let us show you what our 30 years of experience in Managed IT Services looks like – Send us a note today.