To get a Free Quote, customers need to bring or send computer to our store for our technicians to test and quote. Any prices given in emails without testing of computers are advisory only and is not considered as final quote. Quotes are valid for 7 days unless notified in advance. We reserve the right to adjust the quote according to hardware and software conditions if found differently from the time the technician composes the quote. Any adjustment will be communicated with the client before we proceed. Upfront quote might not be available for onsite jobs where fees are charged at hourly rate.

This guarantee applies to scenarios where: quotes, or solutions that MisterCertified recommendeds to a customer are accepted by the customer; and problems are found unresolved due to non-software issues at the time when the customer picks up his/her computer, or within the same day when the customer receives his/her computer back; and problems are not caused by third-party software. Otherwise 3 Month Service Warranty will apply (see below). The customer will need to give MisterCertified technician a reasonable amount of time (minimum of 48 business hours) to resolve any outstanding problems first before money back guarantee is considered. A refund of any paid money for labour charge will be issued by MisterCertified to the customer via MisterCertified’s prefered method, day, and time. Call-out fee, parkings, quoting fee, courier fees are not refundable. This guarantee is per problem, per computer and per customer only. MisterCertified reserve the rights to cancel this guarantee at anytime without prior notice.

All services come with one month warranty from the date of machine repair, return, signed and accepted by the customer. MisterCertified warrants that the service rendered will be subject to the certified standards by MisterCertified. The 1 month warranty claim will be serviced under the conditions that it is not the customer’s fault or wrong doings, the problems are within the scope of the warranted job and the reappearing problems are due to the technician incompletion of the job, with the conditions below:

It is not the customer’s fault or wrong doings: MisterCertified does not warrant the service for subsequent actions by the customer after the machine has been returned and shown to the customer to be in good working order, such as customer do-it-yourself reinstallation of the operating system, surfing of virus spyware source websites, reinstallation of software that has been known or marked by our technician to potentially cause conflicts with the operating system or other software.

The problem is within the scope of the warranted job: the warranty covers for repeating problems and requests by customers that can be shown to have not been completed by the technician properly. If the technician attends onsite and the problems the customer identify are not within the scope of the warranted job or the problems do not appear as the customer describe, the customer is liable to pay for the visit as an entire new job.

The problems reappear due to the technician incompletion of the job: Our technicians always thoroughly check the system to make sure all your requests are completed and other common issues resulted from the diagnosed problems are tested before leaving. If the problems reappear without any subsequent actions by the customer a warranty job will be provided to fix the problem to its entirety.

Warranty jobs do not renew warranty. The warranty cover is from original date of the invoice which was paid for. No warranty is applied for non-paid services (i.e. free computer cleaning, free RAM upgrades). Customers are responsible for any fees to deliver computer(s) and/or part(s) to MisterCertified for warranty claim. MisterCertified will be responsible for returning the computer(s) and/or part(s) to customers after warranty repairs or replacement.

Returned computers/goods under warranty will be repaired, or replaced, or refunded at MisterCertified’s sole discretion.

There is no warranty for the following services:
* Data recovery services.
* Removing or installing non-electronic components or parts (ie removing jammed CD/DVD from CD/DVD drive).
* Installing or uninstalling software and programs (ie installing/uninstalling antivirus software or any other software).
* Removing passwords.
* Cleaning liquids in computers.

VIRUS AND SPYWARE RE-INFECTION: It is often possible for a computer to be reinfected with the same spyware and virus that have been removed by our technicians. Spyware infection and reinfection can be as easy as visiting a bad website, or opening an email attachment. If our technicians have provided you with the instructions and recommendations on protection software and you have not followed the recommendation, we can not service your warranty claim for the reappearing problem.