Working with MisterCertified has been an absolute joy! They have a team of utmost professionals who are responsive and attentive. They have increased our productivity dramatically and extremely reduced the amount of issues we were having with our computers.

Our network is problem free and we are very pleased!

C. Anderson
Business Manager

We are really happy with the level of service we receive from MisterCertified. They advise us on when we should upgrade our technology so we can plan and budget for it, they maintain our computers so we don’t have to worry about that, and they are always there to answer any questions we have. It’s definitely an asset to our company.

M. Davenport
President / Staffing Company

The company we used before felt more like a Mom & Pop shop than a professional computer company. They didn’t seem to do things by the book and sometimes they would make us wait days before taking care of us. This definitely affected our flow of our business. With MisterCertified, everything is handled much more efficiently and reliably. In fact, we have less issues now than we’ve ever had and they have freed up literally 3-4 hours of my time each week.

S. Roys
Office Manager